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Ebiking in East Tyrol

Cycling in East Tyrol | AdventureAustria
Bicycling the Alps Austria | AdventureAustria

Ebiking is booming! This is especially true in mountainous regions in the Alps. 1000’s of bikers are now enjoying the freedom of having the assistance of an electric motor for cycling up hills and up mountains.

Ebikes vary as much as normal bicycles. There are Ebike versions of just about every type of normal bicycle. Popular Ebikes are city style bikes and mountain bikes. Ebikes have an electric motor powered by a battery. Technology is constantly improving and as it improves, so do the performances of the batteries. This gives Ebike riders more power over longer distances.

As Ebiking becomes more popular, there are in turn more places to charge the battery, particularly along popular cycle paths. It is not uncommon to find charging stations at restaurants, guesthouses, tourist offices, train stations and town centres. Additional fully charged batteries can also be hired for day guests who are expecting lots of uphill cycling.

Ebiking is also great for guests who are not used to cycling very often. The electric motor will assist when pedalling and make easy work of any uphill cycle paths. Most Ebikes will have various speed settings where you can adjust the strength of the electric assistance you will be receiving from the motor. Of course, for flat sections and downhill cycle sections, guests should be able to peddle normally using their own ‘peddle power’ or the power of gravity! With an Ebike, almost anyone should be capable of a pleasant day cycling without having to worry too much about the hills – even in Austria. With an Ebike fitness and condition are not as crucial as with a normal bicycle.

Mountain bikers also have an opportunity to cycle up 1000’s of meters of altitude with the assistance of a mountain Ebike. Normally only the super fit and super strong would be able to cycle ‘up’ 1000’s of meters of elevation. With a mountain Ebike, this offers the opportunity to any normal mountain biker. With a spare charged battery in your pack, you should be able to reach most mountain peaks with relative ease, leaving you with more energy and concentration to enjoy the journey back down!

Mountain bike and Ebike routes

Just like with ski pistes, approved mountain bike routes are also assigned difficulty grades. Inclines and the state of the route are normally the decisive factors for the grading of easy, medium, difficult and extremely difficult routes. 

Easy routes are marked in blue. These are family-friendly cycle routes that can also be completed with normal bicycles and they normally feature good surfaces. Inclines and slopes average between 0 and 5 percent. On blue routes there are usually no particular areas of danger, but any danger points will be indicated with signs.

Medium routes are marked in red. These are routes that require some sports cycling ability. Inclines and slopes average between 5 and 12 percent. On red routes there are blind and curved sections, where farmland traffic can be expected as danger points.   

Difficult routes are marked in black. These are challenging mountain bike routes with numerous danger spots that exceed the maximum incline of a red route and which have even more difficult route characteristics. Adjusting your cycling according to the situation and thinking ahead is required.

Extremely difficult trails are marked in yellow. These trails are extreme and challenging routes that can’t be accessed by cars. Cycle carefully – on yellow routes there is a danger of falling off as there may be no safety features such as railings. You can also expect obstacles like high steps, roots and rocks, along with sections when you will need to push or carry your bike.

General rules for mountain biking

A large part of East Tyrol is covered by forests and pastures, on which cows, sheep and goats stroll around in the summer. A lot of the approved mountain bike routes therefore lead through the working areas of the farmers and foresters, who preserve and maintain the routes. The following rules are to help protect mountain bikers, walkers and the farmers.

  • Always ride with your speed under control and your eyes open!
  • Watch out for hikers and pedestrians and overtake them at walking pace
  • Note the difficulty grade of the route and make a fair appreciation of your experience and ability as a mountain biker
  • Don’t get on a mountain bike without a helmet! Check your equipment before the start of each tour
  • Fences and gates should be expected. Don’t forget that the routes are primarily for farming and foresting. Close gates behind you!
  • Be considerate of the nature and of the animals and stay on the marked routes. For your own safety and for the animals, finish your bike tour before it gets dark
  • Don’t leave any rubbish!

By observing these rules, you will get the maximum fun and relaxation from your mountain bike tour, while at the same time ensuring that the beautiful Tyrolean mountains stay as they are.

Ebiking in East Tyrol – available during the summer months. Prices for Ebike hire vary depending on equipment. A professional bike guide is optional. For organised groups with a guide, some restrictions such as minimum numbers and age may be required. If you are interested in Ebiking in East Tyrol then contact us or complete our enquiry form.

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